Laura Saravia Bott

Originally from Bogotá, Colombia, Laura always had an interest in art and business (although she also wanted to be a dancer, singer, lawyer and a pilot) maybe because her father was an entrepreneur and her mom an artist and teacher.

Her love for business began at age 7 when she saw a built in clientele in her brother's friends that would come over to play video games in the garage and fashioned a candy store out of a milk crate.

Shortly thereafter, her mom decided to move to The States to attend art school. Her family settled in Long Island, NY where she found art as an escape from the strangeness of being in another country.

In middle school, her art teacher saw her interest and wanted to extend her creativity and she became the only 7th grader, and the only girl in an 8th grade animation and cartooning class where she learned about various traditional techniques. In high school, her mom moved her to another town in Long Island and she found comfort in the art classroom. During that time, she would buy items at the dollar store and bring them into class to sell them. Like notepads with kittens on it and yup, candy.

She became very involved in the arts at school and once she learned about graphic design, she saw as a viable profession. Through the encouragement of her mentors, she decided to attend Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY and graduated in 1999 with a BFA in Communication Design with a specialty Advertising Art Direction.

After graduating, she worked as a design consultant at various entertainment and publishing companies, including Madison Square Garden, Scholastic, Condé Nast and many other print and digital boutique agencies in NYC. She created work for NY Yankees, NY Toy Fair, QVC, Topps, Mattel and Showtime Networks Original Movies among many other brands.

In 2004, she joined Time Warner Global Media, an integrated marketing department of Time Warner Inc.,  a role she held for 10 years where she transformed a bland four cube department to an award-winning design studio leading a scaleable team of designers through conception, development and implementation of print & digital creative for both corporate, company-wide initiatives and their FORTUNE 500 clients.

In between all that, she co-owned an art & music venue, STAGE 84 in South Florida with her family. Through the addition of a brewmaster to the family, they eventually turned it into a brewpub The Mack House.

Following a new path after leaving corporate, she started Bott & Co. Productions, a design and marketing company working with businesses, from the local spot to the global brand with a tailored approach to any budget. Clients include Ray Ban, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, BCC Worldwide and advertising agencies Publicis (Citibank), Ogilvy and McCann Erickson, PR firms Ruder Finn and Devries. Current clients include Mamaroneck favorite Walter's Hot Dogs, and Navesink Country Club amongst many other companies and brands.   

Soon after in late 2015, she started The Bott Shoppe in Mamaroneck as a pop up that houses fine art, reproductions and a range of handmade products and art supplies.

Since then she has volunteered her efforts with various organizations and collaborators. She is an active member of the VoM Arts Council and was instrumental in the mural on Center Ave, branding their events including the lecture series ART/LIFE and Summer concerts series Summer Nights on the Sound. She has also provided creative support to the Chambers of Commerce, through the rebranding of the Wine Trail and Spooktacular. She has also developed and implemented two successful street festivals, Mamaroneck Food Truck & Makers Market in collaboration to the Village of Mamaroneck, Industrial Area Steering Committee and local area businesses. In addition, she organized art shows with the Community Resource Center and 2nd Nature Skateshop both in Mamaroneck, NY.

She provides a range of services and organizes events in support of the arts and small businesses. Check out some of the fun she is up to




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