How to Write an Impressive Artist Bio

I cannot stress enough how important an artist’s bio is. Especially because it helps people get to know the artist more and get insight into their artwork. If not written correctly, it can turn off people to looking at their work. An artist bio is seen on websites, articles and even quoted in interviews. This means your bio has to make a great first impression. So, what exactly should be included in a bio?


Your bio should contain:

1.Where you were born and where you live currently

2.What your education or training is

3.Related experience (this includes achievements)

4.Who or what influenced your artwork

5. A summary of your “artist philosophy”

6. What techniques you use, themes, etc.

7. What you want to accomplish with your art


The bio should be short and to the point (approx. 250 words). It also needs to be written in third person! The bio should highlight what is it you are working on now and should be updated whenever you do something new. Show the reader what it is you have accomplished and where you want to go from here.

Make sure to spend a lot of time writing your bio. It is crucial that there are no spelling errors and it is readable. Most people will copy your bio verbatim in articles and this can either make or break your reputation, so be careful! Proofread, edit and continue to update your bio every so often. Now start writing!

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