The Importance of Art Education

Recently, the school curriculum in the United States has changed dramatically, shifting focus towards the common core subjects like reading and math... but what about the arts? Not only does learning about art shape young teens into creative and open-minded people, this is a great first step in finding what they are truly passionate about and skilled at. Learning to create and appreciate visual aesthetics is extremely important, especially when it comes to the younger generations and their future careers.

Right now, the demand for creative talent is immense. Being the first generation to be constantly surrounded by technology (since the day they were born), young people have a key role in the evolution of this new digital world. They are one of the few to possess digital talent and it is vital for them to get the needed education in these areas. Nowadays, the Internet allows young artists to explore jobs such as an assistant designer, website designer, art director, illustrator, animator or even game designer. Lessons in traditional art (sketching, painting, illustrating, etc.) and then combining them with digital storytelling and computer programs like InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator can make your child well prepared for the new world of technology and make them a great asset for employers and businesses.

It is essential to have an understanding on creating art as well as communication and collaboration. In general, creating art can give your child an extreme amount of skillsets for life. Being creative allows kids to become significantly better at  problem solving, social skills, culture and aesthetic appreciation, risk-taking, cooperation and even boosts their own self esteem. When gaining creative confidence, teens and younger, have the ability to not only come up with new ideas but also have the courage to attempt these ideas. There is no stopping a young person with an artistic mind!

This summer, The Bott Shoppe is hosting it’s very own art class called: “Young Artists’ Art and Design”, twice a week. Your child will be given lessons that teach them to be their very own independent artist, learning beneficial skills that they can use long-term.