Different Professions in Art

Different Professions in Art

Without a doubt, Art is represented in a variety of many different professions. Whether it’s digitally, physically, and/or visually. For centuries, art has taken upon so many aspects of culture. A big example of how the impact of how art has done this would be the Renaissance. From that time in the 20th century, a lot of art professions and studies were born (Such as painters, sculptors, philosophers, and so on.) and now to this day we have over 150+ different professions in the art field. To start off, here are a few to begin with:

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To begin with, we have Museums. For centuries, museums are widely known for displaying very ancient, cultural, historical, and even scientific artifacts. From paintings, sculptures and even items from decades ago that holds a mark to that time period are primary examples of what could be shown. However, there’s so much that needs to be required in this place itself. The museum alone is home to about an estimated amount of eight different professions. There are Curators, these guys are the superintendents of the museum. In other words they are in charge of the museum, as well as taking care of everything that belongs to it. Next would be the Conservators. There are two types of conservators. There is the Objects conservator who is basically in charge of preserving three-dimensional artifacts that belong to the museum; and the Conservator-restorer who preserves all the cultural and artistic artifacts such as paintings and ect. Then there is the Archivist who collects and organizes the records of the material held in the museum, the Architect who designs and constructs models, the Art Handler or Art Preparator whose job is to store, move and install artworks; a Tour Guide who relies on giving the background about the museum artifacts, and last but not least the Artist who works on the creating, providing, and even demonstrating the artworks involved in the museum.

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That to say, we also have Art Galleries. Art galleries holds visual arts (such as paintings and/or sculptures) and exhibitions of arts (when the art meets the audience.) Other than paintings and sculptures; drawings, costumes, books, photographs, furnitures, and collages are also displayed. With all this gives opportunities for a lot of other professions to be included in this workplace like Art Gallery Directors who coordinates and keeps track of the fundraising programs that help with he finacialities of the Gallery; the Art Gallery Assistant Director who works alongside the art director to keep in contact with other art collectors and museum professionals as well as expanding the base on social media and participating, organizing, an attending art fairs; Gallery Designers who decorates and provides the interior for the gallery; the Managing Director who maintains the budgeting of the gallery; Sales manager who promotes on social media and digital marketing, keeps the website up to date, manages artistic collections, designs promotional materials such as brochures, meets or exceeds the sales goals, and coordinates the events; last but not final the Graphic Designer who brainstorms on the company ideas, illustrates concepts by size, style, and other aesthetic related ideas, produces designs and layout concepts on a variety of different websites, emails, social media, TV, and ect, as well preparing art files and contributing to marketing teams.

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Advertising in art would be also particularly be another to consider when comes to a widespread of different job professions. The background of this concept would mainly include print design, photography, illustration, graphic design and video developing. Basically types of art represented in the advertising field. Professions under this category includes a Senior Graphic Web Designer who manages products with scheduling and budgeting, designing print projects, and featuring design trends and technology; a Junior art Director whose job is to develop materials for advertising a product, working with account services to boost their brand, manage designs and the visual identities of it online and offline, and seeking and sharing digital inspirations; a Creative Director is responsible for working closely with the VP to extend their brand, helping producers with the writing and the producing of their campaigns, looking into promotional projects, and managing everything to work on the success of their company; as well as a Digital Advertising Designer who plans the visual effects of the design on software, provides customer service to the company’s clients, and collaborates with sale representatives on design concepts.

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And of course, there is a section for Murals. Murals are mainly known for being beautiful artworks displayed usually outside on walls, ceiling, buildings, and usually other places related to that. This type of art was commonly used in the 19th century and to this day stands as one of the most coolest types displayed art out there. Professions that are provided for the creation of Murals includes a Graphic Designer who could help with installing vehicle wraps and wall murals as well as spotting graphics; a Graphics Production Operation Manager whose job is to print graphics, perform finishing methods on them, keeping tools together organize, the floors cleaned, trashes emptied, basically maintaining a clean environment for the project as well as involving themselves in the franchise meetings; and a Sales Specialists who develops on business proposals and implement plans, as well as selling large format color graphics and interior design printing services.

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To sum it all together, art holds a widespread to many different professions that requires many types of skills. Skills such as communicating with other companies, designing and brainstorming your own ideas, as well as just knowing the background of what you’re doing and demonstrating it to an audience. Not only can it benefit to marketing but it could benefit to business as well. There are many professions of art that it undoubtedly makes art itself alone very diverse. This also shows that not every occupation in the art field requires only working in the creation of art.

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