How to Inventory Your Artwork

Say Goodbye to Post-it Note Chaos

Thanks to the beautiful world of the Internet with sites such as Artwork Archive and Gyst, artists can easily manage their artwork sales with no stress! When having an online art inventory management system, everything you need is right there. There is no need for countless files on your desktop, notes scattered everywhere or even the struggles of using Excel.

Once you have set up your online inventory account, it’s time to punch in those numbers. It is important to have a numbering system so you can track your work chronologically and know basic information about the piece just by looking at the label.  Some ideas would be to start with your initials or even the type of medium used (P= Painting, C=Ceramic, etc). There are lots of ways to number inventory so come up with things that are simple and easy to remember.

You should then record the title, dimensions, inventory number, creation date, price, medium, and sub
ject matter. The more detail each description has, the more easier it will be to find. I would also assign each piece to a location. That way you’ll always know which gallery or venue is showing your work. It is also important to know who bought your painting and keep a list of contacts for buyers, vendors and other networks in order to inform them about what is new in your inventory.

The most important thing is having high quality images of your work. Art collectors, buyers, and galleries want to see the artwork clearly and know that you have a professional business.

Now that you have a clear and detailed list of inventory, you can spend more time doing what you love- art! Rest easy knowing you can access your work from any device, your data is all in one place, and everything is backed up.



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