How to Overcome “Artist’s Block”

The Case of the Artist Blues

Every creative person can agree that when inspiration and ideas runs dry, quite frankly… it sucks. While you may have heard about writer’s block, artist’s experience this as well! Pablo Picasso had a case of artist’s block in 1935 after divorcing his first wife, Olga. He refused to go to his own studio because the drawings and paintings “infuriated him”. Here are a few tips and tricks to solving your own block of creativity.






Explore with new materials and tools.

 Picasso did this too! Instead of painting, he took a new outlook and began writing poetry, later publishing them in his journal Les Chaiers d’Art. Don’t feel like you have to focus on solely one art form. Try something new! Instead of acrylic paint try oil pastels, etc. Exploring new materials forces you to slow down and think about each process. This is a great way to crawl out of the slump and forces you to think of new ideas.

Find an alternate point of view.

Spending time with the same art crowd can limit you from seeing things differently. Being with an new crowd of people who have other experiences and skills can open up new perceptions and help tear down the blinders that disallow you from having an open mind.

Observe other artists.

Explore the internet, visit a local gallery or museum or even look through art books and magazines. Take the time to appreciate other artist’s work and find inspiration from them!

Have fun!

We seldom forget that while art is our job, it is still important to enjoy ourselves too. Try finger painting or even flinging paint at a canvas. Loosen up and don’t worry about the outcome.

Watching children create is a great way to find the fun again.You may be surprised what they can teach you!

Move around.

Sitting and staring at a blank page of paper is not going to be productive. Try going for a walk or run. Allow yourself to be spontaneous and explore your horizons.


You may just be working too hard and your brain doesn’t function anymore. Who knows, maybe you will have an interesting dream that motivates you!


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