Darian Darakananda

Darian is currently a senior at the Scarsdale High School and will be attending NYU in the fall.

Ever since she was little, she was always very interested in art. Her love for art started with pottery. In her freshman year of high school, Darian took ceramics, which expanded her interest from pottery to sculpture. She later took AP art where she got to work with all types of materials such as paper, cardboard, acrylic, metal, and glass.

For her high school internship, she chose to intern at the Bott Shoppe. In school, Darian mainly focussed on 3D art, so she wanted to expose herself to more 2D art. Since the Bott Shoppe specializes in graphic design, she felt that the Bott Shoppe was the perfect internship for her because it allowed her to explore other forms of art.

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