Mehkiya Taylor

Hello, my name's Mehkiya Taylor and I'm currently a senior in Mamaroneck High School. I come from a very big family and I am the oldest of nine (Five half sisters and four half brothers). Born in New Rochelle, I lived in many cities in New York as well as many cities in Georgia before moving back to New York. I finally came to Mamaroneck at the beginning of my freshman year and ever since then i fell in love with this town. I currently live with my father and three of my siblings (Two brothers and one sister) in a small apartment household on the ave. Growing up, I was really quiet and timid. Until soon, in my Middle School years I started to open up to people. Most of these people I became acquainted with shared similar interests with me. One of these interests was art.

I first became interested in art when I was in 6th grade. At that time I was going through an anime phase. One of my favorite type of art styles was anime, which was basically a sort of art style that originated in Japan which were cartoons that targeted at teens and adults. From that day on that I discovered it, I decided I wanted to draw stuff like that too. I taught myself how to draw these characters simply on my own out of boredom and interest but soon I became obsessed and got better and better. Not too long after, I enrolled into an art class. I was so excited to for it. Art became my main hobby. I began learning all types of stuff such as shading, pop-art, and so on. One of my favorite things to do in art was freehand drawing.  I like to do freehand drawing because it allowed me to be creative and draw whatever I wanted. And honestly, who interested in art wouldn't like to draw freely whatever they wanted? Gave me a chance once in awhile to do something unique and original. Though, I do admit I'm not so good at handling colors (ex. Like painting and coloring), my best skill point when it comes to art was and is always drawing and sketching. But that doesn't stop me from doing other forms of art or at least trying. That's why I love art. It's and it relaxes me. When it comes to art, I'm always up for learning a new skill and taking on a challenge. And for that I look up to art as a tool that helps me with doing things especially things that are outside my comfort zone or I just find something pretty difficult to achieve or do but want to exceed in learning.

In the future, I'm looking forward to doing something in a work field that requires a lot of skills like combating and wearing a uniform. Although, It's something totally opposite from art, I know art could contribute to it. How? Well, art is widely known for being an anti-stress method that could help with anything mentally, physically, and emotionally. Art is very very helpful when it comes to cultivating with stress. Learning new things isn't always easy and believe me I know. I've gone through many struggles in my life. I know there's going to be many moments in my life where I would need help and support. And that i could use to get through it would be art. It could definitely be that solution. When I do art, I am in the zone and I am more focused on what I am creating rather than anything else. With art, It could most definitely help me with my future aspirations. Being a cop, I know there may be difficulties in learning especially since it requires a lot of training and studying but if I have art to help me along the way, then I'm good. It takes only a little time in my day to do what I enjoy to calm me and I know with that I could get through what I need to do in the outside world.

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